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Family Success Counseling

We care about our community and take pride in serving them through good and bad times. Our goal is to help you have success as a family.

I am so happy that you are here!

Are you pregnant and struggling to adjust to emotional and physical changes that you are going through? Are you staying home with your newborn and feeling overwhelmed with the demands of parenthood? Are you feeling sad, hopeless, worried for no apparent reason since you have had your baby? It is not easy to reach out for help, especially, when you are feeling this way. I can help you find solutions and strategies to get through this difficult time and find enjoyment in life again in a compassionate and non-judgmental environment. Let's find some time to talk and figure out how I can help you!

I offer individual & group therapy for moms. I have specialized training in treating prenatal and postpartum depression & anxiety & perinatal loss and grief. I also offer parenting support to moms and their partners. Sessions can be help in person and online via video conferencing through a secure HIPPA compliant platform.


I offer consultation to my clients who are looking for help or knowledge in a specific area


During my counseling services we will work together to help you cope, adapt and build skills to overcome obstacles


Great for significant changes by uncovering early history and becoming conscious of all parts of your self

Are you in need of professional help ?

The best time to get help is now. If you or your loved ones are in need of professional help, please schedule and appointment today. My goal is to help and your family succeed in becoming the happy and loving family that you deserve

“Family therapists view the therapeutic relationship as a means to an end rather than as an end in itself. Family therapists see beyond the problematic patterns in the family to the potential healing power of family relationships.”

― Joseph A. Micucci


My approach to family counseling is a mix of cognitive and familial theory. The way we handle our personal and intimate relationships reveal our inner struggles and conflicts. Through examining our relationships, we will find not only our strengths but also our weaknesses, which will help us add what is missing and work on changing the dysfunctional thoughts and actions that we have grown to posses. Our thoughts can comprise our belief system, which is the sum total of all our experiences, lessons learned, and beliefs that we have developed over our lifetime.

Every person has their own unique set of beliefs. There is no perfect belief system that is always correct and objective because we all at times have irrational or incorrect beliefs that can cause inappropriate or dysfunctional behavior. By unraveling this sequence in therapy, we can identify and change to improve the automatic thoughts that occur. Once this is achieved our feelings and thoughts can calm down and we can fix our behavior.

Why Family Success Counseling?

I have 8 years of mental health therapy experience in various environments and types of people. I began my career as a therapist working with children and teens at a nonprofit clinic alongside their parents individually and as a family unit.

During experience I found that helping moms who were struggling with depression, anxiety, and stress feel happier whic helped assist the entire family progress as a whole.

After the birth of my two children, I was inspired to open my practice and specialize in the treatment of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. While my babies brought me joy, the postpartum period also awakened me to the various challenges, unmet expectations, and untold realities that this wonderful adjustment can bring to your life