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You may be recently pregnant or have just had your baby. It's expected that you feel full of joy but perhaps your experience is different and more stressful. If you find yourself weeping "for no good reason", being highly irritable, or feeling hopeless - you might be experiencing Postpartum Depression.

How is it different from Baby Blues? The timing is different - if symptoms of distress emerge after or last longer than 2-3 weeks after delivery it is no longer considered to be baby blues.

Please reach out to a professional if you have 1 or more of these symptoms:

• Are weepy and feel a sense of being overwhelmed for longer than three weeks after delivery
• Are unable to function
• Feel your symptoms are unbearable
• Are unable to sleep, even though you are exhausted
• Want to sleep all the time
• Are sleeping more than usual
• Cry continuously
• Can't enjoy your baby at all
• Don't want to spend time with your baby
• Feel afraid of your baby
• Have a dramatic change in appetite
• Are troubled by anxious thoughts about your baby being harmed
• Feel intense rage
• Have a personal or family history of depression or anxiety
• Withdraw from activities you normally enjoy
• Feel that you have "gone away" or lost yourself
• Think about harming yourself
• Believe your family would be better off without you or that you never should have become a mother


It's not baby blues and it's not postpartum depression - so what is it?

One client described symptoms "I'd get hot and sweaty and irritable, and I worry all the time, especially at night. Constantly scrolling concerns in my mind, I developed trouble sleeping. I wasn't me!"

Some worries are natural for parents and may be a response to protect one's child. But if you know your worries are irrational but you can't get them out of your brain, that suggests you may be experiencing postpartum anxiety. The same is true if your worry leads you to dread everyday situations or panic attacks come out of the blue and it interferes with your functioning, please reach out for help.


Surviving Perinatal or infant loss is devastating and overwhelming. You have right to grieve and honor your child. I can help to provide useful tools for coping with your loss while remaining compassionate and respectful of your unique grieving process in a nurturing environment.


I believe that all humans have one thing in common: we were all once children. Remembering what helped us and what hurt us in our own childhoods gives us the freedom to consciously decide how to act in our children's best interests, and in our own as their caregivers. I offer insight into the developmental needs of children of all ages, from birth through adolescence. I also provide a space for people to safely navigate the challenges of fertility, adoption, pregnancy, childbirth and infant care. The needs of parents are always respected. I encourage diversity in parenting and welcome single, same sex and adoptive parents and caregivers.

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